It’s hot out there

Tip and Tricks to help you beat the heat.

2021 is looking to be a year of record-breaking heat. Over 40 million people have experienced some of the highest temperatures on record.

So what can you do?

 Here are some tips that can help keep you cooler, help protect you and your BMW MINI from damage.

  1. Turn your steering wheel upside down after you park

  2. Use your BMW MINI Keyfob remote to roll down the windows as you walk up to the car to help vent excess heat

  3. Keep your windows down, or partially down, for the first few minutes of your drive

  4. Set your air conditioning temperature to 72 or above and don’t use the MAX AC button

  5. Use a Sun Shade for your front windshield

After you park your car. Place the car in park and apply the emergency brake. While the vehicle is still on and the power steering is still working. Turn your steering wheel 180 degrees so what would normally be the bottom side of the steering wheel while you are driving is at the top.

When you’re ready to drive off, turn the steering wheel right side up again. This simple technique puts the cooler side of the steering wheel up where your hands would be, and puts the hotter side of the steering wheel at the bottom where it is less likely to come in contact with your skin.

While approaching your BMW MINI press, and hold down, the unlock button on your keyfob. After a few seconds, the front and rear windows will start to roll down.

If you keep holding the unlock button on your keyfob and assuming you have one, the moonroof will also start to open. This will help vent excess heat built up in your car throughout the day.

Leave the windows partially down for the first few minutes of your drive. Turn on your AC to 72 degrees or above, and set it on normal AC mode (not the MAX AC mode). This will help push the hot air from the cab of the vehicle. After a few minutes, you should roll up all the windows and close the moonroof to keep the cool AC inside.

Many of us think blasting the AC on MAX and dropping the temp to the lowest 60-degree temp will help cool my car faster. In contrast, when the temp outside is in excess of 100 degrees it is best to set your AC to 72 degrees.

The idea is to make the cab of your BMW or MINI comfortable but not cold. Keeping the temp set at 72 degrees will help your AC unit from being overstressed, and more likely extend the life of your vehicle’s AC unit.

A replacement AC unit can be expensive. Helping your AC to work where it is most efficient is the best practice.


A simple and inexpensive idea is to purchase a windshield sunshade. Placing this on your windshield will help reflect much of the sun’s heat energy away from your vehicle which can help reduce the inside temperature while it is sitting.


If you have questions or concerns with your vehicle’s AC unit, please do not hesitate to reach out to our service team for assistance.