Together we will get through this.

* * * If you are feeling ill, experience symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever or cough we ask that you remain home and follow the guidance of your health professional. We ask that you limit interactions with the public including that of our team members. We have plenty of options to assist our guests during these unprecedented times. * * *


We know recent events have disrupted the lives of so many of us. Please do what you can for others in need, but most importantly please take care of yourself and your family. Please follow the guidance of local, state and national health professionals and wash your hands for 20 seconds and wash them often. Clean surfaces often and maintain social distancing.

First and foremost, we must put the highest priority on the health of our team, our customers, our families, and their families. Strict adherence to specified health standards and practices is an absolute requirement.

Our processes are evolving on a daily basis as we find new and improved ways to maintain a healthy environment and source additional supplies that help us achieve this objective. We would like to share some of the measures we are taking in the more highly trafficked areas of our dealerships.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been placed in our service department, at our sales entrances, and in our technician bathrooms.

  • Service department employees who are in contact with customer cars are wearing protective gloves.

  • Seat covers, steering wheel covers (as of 3/20) and gear shift covers (as of 3/23) are being placed on customer cars and loaner cars.

  • The interiors of customer cars and loan cars are wiped down with disinfectant.

  • Customer-facing employees are able to provide disinfected pens to customers to use when needed.

  • Service Advisors, Sales Advisors, Cashiers, and F&I Managers are provided cleaning supplies to wipe down desks, chairs and door handles throughout the day.

  • For e-contracting in the F&I Office, guests are offered a tissue or glove when using the signing pen.

   Why do you remain open?
This is a complicated question with a complicated answer. The short answer is this:
We maintain staffing levels strictly based on a voluntary basis. Any of our extended family that wishes to remain at home, for any reason, is allowed and encouraged to do so.
We are operating at reduced hours with a reduced staffing level to assist our customers as they need it. Please be patient with us a things change rapidly and we adjust with them. Cars are an important and vital way for all members of the population to get to and from grocery stores, medical visits and other essential needs. Key members of the population such as healthcare professionals, government, and relief personnel need their cars running perfectly to get to and from their very important jobs. We need to maintain these vehicles so people can get around as needed. We have limited personnel in our sales team here to assist though customers in need to replace a vehicle.
Customers who have leased a vehicle have a certain legal obligation to their financial institution, such as maintaining the leased vehicle and returning the vehicle to the bank at the end of the lease. We have solutions for customers who want to remain with their current vehicle for now. We have to remain open in some capacity to assist these customers.
   Is Service Open?
Yes, Our service department is still operating and we still have parts to complete most service needs.

We also offer free local pickup and delivery of your service car as well. Please call or schedule an appointment online. We are happy to help as needed.

   What do I do if my current lease is expiring?
We are working with our lenders to offer guests a wide range of options. Please see the help section to right for more information.
Also, check out our social channels. This is our fastest way to share information quickly.
   Can I have a Lease Pre-Inspection done?
Right now, no. Our sales team, including our Lease-End Inspector, has been deemed non-essential according to the Los Angeles County and the State of California Stay in Place Orders.
We do not have a time when they will be allowed back to work but we will keep you up to date as things progress and we get more information from Los Angeles and California government agencies.
   Can I buy a car right now?
Currently, we are piloting a Virtual Buying Experience. You may contact us via our online chat, send us an email or call the store. One of our managers can work out a lease or loan payment with you over the phone, via text, or email. We can then remotely deliver the car to your home.
Please understand, this service is brand new to us and we are still working through the process.
It’s important to understand that we cannot have guests at our location at this time. All these services are remote deliveries for now.

Financial Services

Here are some important number to keep in mind

MINI Roadside Assistance number: 1-800-660-9568

MINI Customer Relations  866-ASK-MINI    1-866-275-6464

Any guest experiencing financial hardships during this time is encouraged to contact MINI Financial Services directly. We have plenty of options to assist our guests and help them through these unprecedented times. Individual guest’s situations will be assessed. One of the many options we have available will be offered to assist you. We are here for you and we will help you get through this. 

Login to your Financial Services Account online

  • and use the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the page. 
  • Please understand MINI FS is putting as many people on the phone as they can to handle customer’s questions. However, current wait times are significantly higher than normal.
  • We strongly recommend using the online portal to reach a MINI FS representative. 

If you wish to return your MINI Lease

  • We will be available for the final terminations to be conducted once our sales department is allowed to resume our normal day-to-day operations. 
  • Given the large volume of vehicles, we will need to process all inspections by MINI FS 3rd Party inspections only.
  • We may not be able to conduct final inspections on-site for several weeks after we open again


We offer at-home service pickup and delivery

  • We offer free local pickup and delivery. Please call for details.
  • We will continue to review and adhere to the CDC and local health authorities’ recommended guidance for business and employer operations.
  • We are working to maintain social distancing with our internal interactions as well as our guest interactions.
  • We regularly disinfect common use surfaces and all public spaces.
  • We use personal protective equipment while performing work on your vehicle.
  • We make sure your vehicle’s interior is cleaned before work begins and before we hand you back your vehicle.
  • Please contact MINI Roadside Assistance or call us to arrange pickup and delivery of your vehicle.


We are now able to process your New or Pre-Owned vehicle purchase online or over the phone with local delivery of your next MINI

  • We can assist you online or over the phone so you don’t have to come to us.
  • Live local? We can bring a vehicle to you for a test drive.
  • We can complete the purchase and delivery or your New or Certified Pre-Owned MINI remotely and then deliver your vehicle to your home.