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What Are My Options at Lease-End?

No matter what we are here to help. Our dedicated Lease-End Team is MINI trained to assess which option best fits your situation.

  1. I am replacing my MINI

  2. I want to buy my MINI out

  3. I just want to return my MINI back

Dings, Chips, Dents & Scratches

Not all MINI’s are returned Perfect

If your MINI has a few “beauty marks” don’t worry. If you purchased MINI Lease-End Wear & Tear Coverage you’re good to go. Either way, we are here to help you.

MINI Financial Services allows for normal wear and tear. Your lease-end inspector will cover with you what is, and is not, considered normal wear and tear by MINI. Your lease-end inspector can also go over your options to either have any damages repaired prior to your lease end disposition.

Don’t get charged at lease-end for damages. Watch our video to help

Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping up with your MINI Maintenance

All MINI’s require maintenance to be performed every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

If you purchased an Executive Demo or Dealer Loaner Vehicle please contact us so we can look up your maintenance start date. This was likely months before you purchased your MINI.

If you have questions or need assistance just ask. We are here to help you.

Tires & Wheels

Lets Talk Tires

A lot of MINI’s have run-flat tires. If you replace your tires, it is important that they meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specs.

Your lease-end inspector will go over what is allowed under your lease agreement and what would not pass inspection. If you need new tires, we have options. Please contact us for specials or coupons.

Tires win races” a quote from Harry Hog in Days of Thunder

Final Steps

Lease-End Inspection 

Approximately 120 days before your MINI lease maturity date, we must schedule a MINI Lease Pre-Inspection Appointment. This is 100% free of charge and takes about 15-25 minutes to complete. The MINI Lease-End inspection team will inform you of fees for mileage overage charges, excess wear, and tear, missing keys, disposition fee, or any other charges. We want to do this inspection as early as possible to save you money.



  1. Why are you reaching out to me so early when my lease is not due for a few months?

    Many of our guests find themselves projected to go over their allotted miles, have some excess wear and tear on their current vehicle, or want to order their next vehicle from the factory exactly the way they want it which is easier to resolve with some time before your lease ends.

  2. My Lease was in an accident but repaired by a body shop. Will I be charged for that?

    The bank has specific standards that all service and repairs need to be conducted during your lease term. Generally speaking, if you had the repairs done at an OEM approved body shop, or here at the dealer, those repairs are usually not an issue.
    If you had any repairs done through your insurance company or another third-party repair facility we strongly recommend that you have a Pre-Inspection done. The inspector can work with the bank to determine if the repairs meet the bank standards for return or not.

  3. I modified my vehicle how much will I be charged for that?

    Small modifications like a professional window tinting (not windshield), wheel treatment (chrome, mate finish, powder coating), or adding OEM accessories are generally acceptable by the bank.
    Suspension or engine modifications, as well as wheel swaps, are generally not acceptable. If you have modified your lease beside the above it strongly recommended having a pre-inspection completed so your inspector can work with the bank to determine if those modifications are chargeable or not.

  4. How long does a Pre-Inspection take?

    Generally, they take 20-25 minutes. If your lease has been in an accident before or has been modified, it may be longer depending on if the car is damaged, modified or we need to reach out to MINI Financial Service on an account question. Your lease-end inspector will walk you through the process and timeframe better when you arrive.

  5. How much is a Pre-Inspection?

    Any repairs needed or fees assessed by the bank for wear and tear, miles overage charges, or disposition fees may be assessed by the bank. Your inspector will let you know at the end of your pre-inspection if any bank charges apply to you.

  6. What do I need to bring with me during a Pre-Inspection?

    You will need the following: All keys, Owners Manual, Vehicle Registration, Photo ID, and all OEM equipment. If your lease is a plug-in vehicle, please remember to tell your lease end inspector you have the cables at home.

  7. Can you come to my house to complete the inspection?

    Unfortunately for health and safety reasons for our team, we can only conduct inspections at the dealership at this time.

  8. My service is past due. Can you just do the service for me after I lease return my car?

    Repairs and service require a customer signature prior to work being started and again upon completion of the work performed. Tell your lease inspector that you have a service due and we can go over your options with you.

  9. Do I need to be there for the lease-end process or can I have someone drop off the car for me?

    Both California and the bank requires an odometer statement to be completed at the lease-end. Depending on how your registration was written we will need one or both persons listed on the registration to be present to sign the CA-262 documents and lease disposition forms.

  10. Can I just stop-in the same day for a lease-end inspection?

    No. Lease-end inspections are done by appointment only.

    The bank typically only has one trained representative onsite 5 days a week. While your appointment takes under 30 minutes on your end, the lease end inspector has to process the lease disposition with the bank and DMV, disinfect your lease vehicle, and have it moved to a storage lot for the bank to collect. This means the inspector can accommodate about 5-6 inspections per day and these typically fill up weeks in advance. Please schedule your appointment several weeks in advance of your lease-end date.

  11. DMV keeps sending me notices with penalties and fees. Do I need to pay for them?

    California DMV will continue to send notifications about the registration. If the vehicle was returned prior to the registration renewal date you do not need to pay the next year’s registration. If your lease was not dispositioned before the registration date you will need to pay the DMV for that year’s registration. Please contact your local DMV office if you have questions on your DMV renewal.

    It is strongly recommended that you visit DMV Link… Click Here to complete the online Transfer and Release of Liability. This will inform the DMV that you no longer own the vehicle.

  12. Why was I charged $350+Tax from the bank?

    Disposition Fee: MINI Financial Service may charge $350 to turn in your lease. However, sometimes this fee can be waived if you lease or purchase another MINI within 6 months from lease turn-in. Please contact MINI Financial Service if you are not purchasing a new MINI at the same time as returning your old one.



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